Will trade 13 assorted refined gems for 13 refined amethysts

I also have a diamond grapple id trade for an amethyst grapple, or 2 more refined amethysts.

I’d also trade other items for amethysts as well. Just let me know what you want.

I ave compact amethyst do you have iron or copper in loads?

Sorry I have very little of Both of those. :unamused:

I need some gem slingbows, if you have an equivalent amount (knock off one or two or maybe even 3 for the amount of other materials it takes) and I can get you those no problem.

Or if you’re feeling cheaper, I’ll trade 2 compact amethyst for 1782 sedimentary rock

K I’ll check and see what I got.

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Also, I’ll trade those 2 on top of the stuff for the slibgbows stuff

I have 2 diamond slingbows I’ll trade for 2 amethyst grapples or the refined gems to make them.

That’s what, 4 compact gems?

Yes, I believe so.

Do you have sedimentary? Cuz I’d gladly do that trade as well

And with 4 compact, is that a bulk batch?

I would need 5 for a bulk batch. I only have 9 full stack of sed rock.

Wait, you need 8 to bulk batch compact.

I’m logged in right now on my other account named rafman. I’m in my star shop in case your online.

I found 3 more stacks of 99.

2 gem slingbows, and like 1100 sedimentary. What the heck, throw in any gem tool and I’ll give you 8.

how bout a diamond hammer?

actually since your willing to do the trade that I wanted in the first place, your helping me out, so I think it only fair that I give you more. Ill give you 2 diamond sling, 2 diamond hammers, and all my sed rock for 8. Deal?

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Deal. I’ll be on shortly. I’ll be over at your place