Will we ever run out of resources?

  1. Will we ever run out of resources on a given planet, (specifically to warp to another planet).

  2. Will the game ever run out of resources.

There needs to be some form of resource regeneration and if there is how does it work?

I heard of players lacking gold on the forums and got curious and worried that it may get all used up.

There’s actually two elements to this question.

  1. There actually is a regeneration mechanic to the game. Anything that has been touched and not claimed will regenerate over time. It may not necessarily be the same block you found, but it will regenerate.

2a) Every world has different quantities of the various blocks, based on rarity vs danger. So the beginner world with level 1 Spitters will have more iron and copper, whereas the worlds with level 3 spitters and other aggressive mobs will have higher percentages of those ores.

2b) After release (and even a few times during EA), more worlds will be added to each region based on need/population. So, I’m sure we wont have to worry about running out of materials.

Here is a comment I made on another post about the world regeneration, and my way of thinking on why I believe the current regeneration mechanic works:

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I absolutely adore the regeneration mechanics of the game.



I’d say it’s fairly in-depth, while not being too restrictive - keeping us all on a leveled playing field :slight_smile:

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