Windows 10

If I upgrade to Windows 10 will it mess up Oort at all? Just wanted to check to make sure, cause you know Oort is what really maters.

nope, happily running Oort on Windows 10 as we speak.


No erors yett.

There are no known issues reported with Windows 10 and oort.


Havok, have you had any problems with games on windows 10? like have you experienced any games which just refuse to run on windows 10? i am heavily considering upgrading so i can sign up for fable legends, but i would be kinda annoyed if it meant i couldnt access most of my games

Even the oldest games I own work fine on win10.

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Havok can you be a chap and test something for me? there is a game called ‘‘Super crate box’’ on steam, small game, only 23 mb and is free, could you possibly try to install it and play for a while to see if it works? it doesnt work on windows 8 so i am kinda curious if some games which doesnt work on 8 will work on 10.

if i remember correctly it have a nasty habit of crashing after 5 mins time

I can do that, but I’ll be at work for the next 15 hours so it will have to wait

Its fine its fine, i think i might upgrade, i reserved an upgrade atleast so now i will just have to wait it out, but thanks anyways :smile: