[Winner announced] What would you do with 5 million coin?

I read this right before I went to bed, was rather tired. Now I can’t sleep anymore so am back up. You still in game??

Lol, what I usually do is buy refined rocks instead and make my own! I go to Yamaska for the refined rocks, bonding agent and refined gleam I usually have lying about anyway!

Anyway, where ya wanna meet up?

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Oh I’m working now. Should be on in the evening my time (6 hours). Otherwise I’m on most of the day tomorrow! :smile:


why not make 1 newbie center each T1 world?

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I mean 5 million worth of marble would be a LOT and probably enough for each T1

@AeneaGames - good choice
@Spicewhale Congrats!
Lives were changed :+1:


I agree. Build one and use it as template to build on each starter planet

Great ideas from everyone. I think tomorrow, once I’m properly “working from home” meaning playing boundless. I will put a post up gathering ideas and info to flesh out a proper initiative. Instead of just me saying “i wanna help new players”. Like how can we help, what level of assistance, blah blah…

I can’t wait to make the Aenea Center for kids who don’t read good.


@Spicewhale definitely worth talking to @DKPuncherello already has boundless university in the works.
Quite a few of us helping where possible with mats etc, I think some planning still going on.
Pretty comprehensive plan though a building for each game element to learn about how to play.

I can make you a tree @Spicewhale cost is around 5mils :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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*Centre :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yup I think @spicewhale is on board and joining the team :blush:


@DKPuncherello lured me in promising marble…

I actually need a good tree builder!

Centaur? :sweat_smile:

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Hmpf, I’m gonna regret doing this huh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I will be back in game in a few minutes, you on your home turf??

I’m here for 10 minutes, then school drop off then back!

Ok, coming online now then!

Coin delivered!

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sorry for my late response. very busy fixing the new house we live in ^^
i would buy refinery coils and workbench coils first
thank you for your response

The winner of the 5m coin was announced 5 days ago so you are a tad too late I’m afraid!

i wasnt the winner anyway. you asked me what coils i needed.

but if i am too late for that as well. it’s fine ^^ thanks anyway!!


I’m sorry, I misunderstood your post! And you’re right, I did ask!

I was a tad distracted and am tired, bad combo, lol!

How many of each you need?


O thats something i find hard to answer. i can use how many you.can miss. i am alreafy grateful that you are helping!!

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