[WIP] Tower of the Fallen

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Here are some pictures about my current project. It’s a pretty evil looking tower, mwahahaha!
I just want to ask you what’s your opinion.
I hope you like it! :smiley:



Very nice. And wow that’s a lot of red gleam lanterns. You spare no expense. :fire:


Without the red shining, it wouldn’t be as evil as I want, I guess.
Evilness has its price. :slight_smile:


Evil gothic necromancer den.


Looks wicked! Great location too, keep up the good work!

Words to live by!


Wicked cool! Nice work!


Very nice, I would love to visit this! What blocks did you use for the outside? It looks dark gray almost


Those are i believe igne deco stones. Normal ones. Lighting sometimes makes them grayish.


Ah, i thought it looked like it on the inside but i couldn’t tell on the outside. Thanks!


Bro that’s really neat, you should make a whole town with red and black like that


I bet he would if someone would provide red gleam for him :rofl:


won’t be a problem when forge comes out :sunglasses:


Well, that’s not implemented yet…


?, Said when it comes out not sure what you mean.


I thought you were talking about the colour changing thing… If you mean regen bombs, then they are indeed coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, that was my original idea when I had time for building.
Since the devs announced the wipe, I didn’t continue the project because it’s pointless now.
I’m not even sure my tower is still standing, I forgot to refuel a while ago :confused:.
But when the 1.0 comes out, I would like to design an underground sepulcher; temple like city… thing.

@Ancalagon Most of the blocks are made from igneus stones(Decorative, Brick, Base), but there are some purple metamorphic stones(from nasharil).

Edit: It seems my tower is still standing. If you want to visit, come to Therka and search for this coordinate: -630N, -1619E, A: 157