Wireless Mouse

My wireless mouse scroll wheel does not work in Oort but it works just fine in other games. Does anyone know why?

Probably Gremlins :smirk:


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Sorry… I didnt know you were using the Mouse right now :confused:

Its kinda curious. i cant change songs in spotify while having oort open using my keyboard keys, and some other minor commands doesnt work, i talked with @james about it and he said that the game somehow absorbs the commands, it might be something like that which is the problem for your mouse.

Do you have a configurable mouse? I think that it would be possible that your computer sees your scroll button as another button than normal. What mouse do you have?


What sort of mouse is it?

Did you need to install any special drivers - or did it just work?

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It’s a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000.

This should solve it: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20121122125144AArCYeQ

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Yep it looks like I was missing a driver although it said I was up to date… Works fine now. Thanks everyone.