Woah.. forging

So I decided to take up forging my own stuff again… well I have been doing it for a while, but now I need bows for the hunts I’ll be leading on Fridays. Oh Em Geeeee yesterday I managed to get two stacks of topaz bows the way I like them… but this morning … I have been working on it for hours. FINALLY got a stack to set.

This is the cost:

That is insane. I had been trying on Topaz, and decided to change over to Diamond… well cause they might be easier… since the effectiveness meter is a smidge higher than Topaz.

I could wish that the forging RNG would have less randomness, so there is more focus on a specific boon based on the Gums… even if that means we need new or more Gum options. I like that there is a random chance, but this might be a tad rediculous IMHO

Not complaining, just showing that this can be crazy when people ask why things cost so much.

No, these are not for sale. :smiley: :heartpulse:



Note: In the image above, the damage is based on a non-hunt character… This new image is with my hunt character.


The next set was a tad better (cost-wise)…
Edit: also only took 20 min to get what I needed… time is money… lol



I absolutely understand why forged goods cost so much, all the work that goes into just getting the raw materials let alone the randomness of getting what effects you are trying to forge.

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I don’t understand why it does… it shouldn’t. The only thing I can think of is the fact they wanted it to be its own little mini game. The idea in theory is pretty cool, it just hasn’t aged too well.

RNG colors, RNG forging, RNG sovs, grind this, grind that…I sense a pattern.


A good game keeps us busy.

So Boundless is a good game :slight_smile:


A good game keeps you entertained … a good job keeps you busy.


I am confused by the amount of deconstruct resin 3 you are putting on your chart. Did you really use 819 to get 1 stack of slingbows forged? :astonished:


Correct, @PrincessMaude

1hr 6min. Not the best for the cost. But I am still going forward.

Feel free to share tips.

I learned by reading the Guide, Methodology to forging. Plus tips from a couple key folks who have helped me do better. <3


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Replace deconstruction resin with a boon removal, the one that uses roadrunner feathers.

Step 1, get a damage roll. No damage, cancel the forge. You only lose an effect gum and draining boon (cheaper than a deconstruction resin).

Step 2, get your speed to desired level… use 5 or 6 lightness gums, don’t stress if 3rd boon is random.

Step 3, use special gums to get your multiple shots, if something else rolls, use your boon removal to get it. Even if the speed gum rolled something else in the 3rd boon, you can easily get what you want with 2 boon removals. Level up to desired level.

Step 4, come back to damage until you run out of vigour or stability.

Yes, it is more expensive if you need to use the boon removal every forge, but using this method almost guarantees a decent forge every time. As you say, time is money.


Current forging does entertain me… With a few minor tweaks i think it wouldn’t be as difficult for newer players. I like the skill and need for strategy to get the best performance out of it.

We don’t need perfect tools for all occasions, i know i use pleanty that aren’t all the time, but i get a rush every time i get that right set of traits

I don’t expect all useful things in a game to entertain everyone though.

How I forge, I don’t use Stabilization Paste, instead I use boon removal 1. Its pretty cheap and lets me get a few more go at a forge that’s going a bit sideways.

Also sometimes the forge needs to be threaten to get dismantled. Or needs to be stared down by other players. :crazy_face:


Great tips.

I use stabilization only on forges where I want to get the most out of the item. Otherwise on my T3 Tool setup I use boon removal. I have never “cancelled” a forge… that is intriguing.

I definitely will try some of the one that takes RR feathers… I mean I expect they are supposed to be useful instead of sitting in my chest. They are also pretty to look at.

I have tried threatening and cursing at the forge… even ignored it for a while… silent treatment got me nowhere though :smiley:



I think you mean Boon Transmute, Boon Removal 1 & 2 only require Wildstock Horns.

How is this cheaper than Deconstruction 3? You get majority of your materials back. As apposed to losing them due to cancelation. Unless this sacrifice is what’s needed in order to get good rolls? :thinking:

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Woooooo that sounds useful. What does it do?

I’ve only used it in creative but basically it changes the boon you got into another. Doesn’t seem to be worth it in my opinion. I’d rather horde my feathers just to gaze at them :grin:

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Now if you were to ask if Quirk Transmute was worth it I’d say yeah, if you’re trying to get Clear Weather or some other awesome quirk thats useful. Most quirks are useful in their own way. Like Increased Damage during the day/night. Or Faster Action speed while full.

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hmm… we shall see what I can do with all this info…

Feel free to share if you have more tips out there… in forum land :heartpulse:


egads… how do you cancel the forge???

First try went horribly wrong…