Woah.. forging

1 draining boon costs 9c to craft.
1 effect gum costs 6c to craft.

I don’t have cost price for decon 3 handy, but fairly certain it’s more than 15c. Why waste more than 15c for a chance to get back your 15c of ingredients? It doesn’t make sense.

That’s 15c (per item) you are risking at the start of your forge. What’s the point using the decon resin 3 to get that back. This is the only step of the process where I cancel the forge. Once you get that first boon (usually strength), then you’re off at the races.

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To cancel a forge (only do this if you’re happy to lose the forge ingredients, not the tools), use a setting resin. Then in the forge queue, select the item and cancel it.

Edit: the tools will be back in the forge ready for another attempt

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Thanks. If I don’t have decon resin, it’s the only option… right?

No deconstruction, then you need to use setting resin. If you’re somewhat happy with your results, keep them. If the tool / weapon is a mess, cancel it before the queue ends to get your tools / weapons back.

Play around with it in a creative world to get used to forging without a safety net.

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You say 1 effect and 1 draining but thats only if you are forging 1 tool at a time and then you are also wasting a setting resin to cancel a forge.

Personally i make all my forge ingredients so its really no cost for me. Im not trying to argue or say my way is better, I’m just trying to understand your logic behind the style you forge.

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Ah the dirty forge! Lol. I like hearing the different ways people forge. You’re all using different items then me but can get a similar result. Multi shots are always a pain. Best of luck @Chicula :crossed_fingers::+1::beers:


This guide has helped a lot of people get started. Not wanting to move away from it has, IMO, helped a lot of people “Get finished” as well. As in, done forging.

It’s only a starting point, and it’s not particularly a ‘cheap’ or ‘efficient’ way to forge. It’s a way to get what you want from the forge reliably.

There are very few situations, for instance, where a decon is going to treat you better than a Boon Removal I. However “start over” is very easy to understand, and explain into a guide. etc…

Definitely don’t be afraid to try other techniques. And while I do only simple forges, if you’re wanting to do more complex stuff remember this as well:

Don’t avoid sauces with ‘expensive’ ingredients just because they’re expensive. They’re expensive because people are using the heck out of them. Used properly you can use those ingredients and still bring in your forges at or below (almost certainly below) market prices.

Boon Removal Solvent I should, in my opinion, be every forger’s best friend. I not II

Boon Removal Solvent II won’t do what you want half the time and lead you to ignore the I version. I usually keep some Decon in my deck but it’s a last resort. Most of the time Boon Removal is better and faster.

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Use setting resin. Then go into the ones that are in the process of being made and cancel it. You’ll get back the tool, but not the mats.

Also, this is why I forge one item at a time.

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I disagree, if you’re forging an item with lots of different possible boons like a slingbow then boon removal will end up costing you a ton of vigour. Deconning on the other hand will let you get the three boons you’re targeting while losing less vigour and stability.


Setting resin is close to 1c per item, so negligible.

I also forge a full stack at a time… I personally would rather lose the 9 draining boon (OP costs that at 9x23.6 = 212.4c) and 9 effect gums (OP costs that as 9x13.7=123.3c) than use 9 decon resins (OP costs that at 9×39.6= 356.4c) to have a chance at getting back 335.7c worth of ingredients. Can you see how that doesn’t make sense at this stage of the forge?

Plus, the main reason for not having decon resin in the deck is that it gives you that extra slot to have boon transmute in the deck. Once you have the first boon in place, 95% of the time you can achieve your desired result.

Anyway, it’s great that there is many different ways we can go about forging. OP was complaining about wasting so many ingredients for a forge… I offered a way to waste less.

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So, for free? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ohhh I understand your logic now. You are looking at saving cost, but I’d rather not have to make all those materials again so I appreciate your insight and will keep this in mind for others that are trying to keep cost down.


I’m using Pure boon 3 rather then Draining boon 1.
And Protection Paste 2 rather then stabilization Paste.

I got lucky and didn’t have to deconstruct too many times.
I’ll see you Friday for the hunt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1::v::beers:


Thank you for your insight @georgegroeg and I’m looking forward to the Friday 6p EST hunts! @2FACEWICKED made me poles for running! We’re all set! :heartpulse:

I used to use protection paste quite a bit. I have some pure boon compound available, but really haven’t felt successful enough to change my ways. HOWEVER, I am sharing results and asking for help because I think it’s important to be successful in my forging, or hunting will be expensive (because I keep all my loot) if I can’t do my own forging.

I am willing to try new ways and go back to old ways, if they help.

Also I think this is great conversation for others. Not everyone has the patience for forging, so those who are willing, might also find this thread helpful.



This I do not understand…


I had 3 effect gums applied… and I still got a longevity boon. These instances are (IMHO) what seem to have changed… more often you’re getting other boons… ones that do not belong.

I used to just use 2 effect gums, but where (a year ago) I would get a cycle of the normal effect boons, now I am getting more boons that do not fall into the category I am working on. So I changed to 3, to have a better chance to get the right boon category. And still getting the wrong one… thus more decon required.

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Things haven’t changed with forging in over 3 years. Each gum increases the odds with diminishing returns. The increase between 3 gums and 4 is only like 12% or so… I remember someone figuring out the numbers for the calculator thats out there somewhere.

RNG is the name of the game, we just get to tilt rng into our favor. Like bull riding…

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Just give me a decon resin that gives 100% of the items back.


3 effect gums only gives 29.2% to get picked up as new Boon according to the forge simulator. RNG still has a lot of room to pick something else instead in your case.

Forging is all about numbers and the more you forge the better you will understand the chances and be successfull in forging what you want.
I don’t even look at the numbers anymore (as don’t even know if hey are 100% correct anyway) and forge the items the way it works for me. Then I try to perfect the forging recipe to get the results I want.


Now it makes some sense. Thanks!

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Essentially gums add to the weighted chance of getting a boon. IIRC, they all start with a weight of 1 and then a gum adds 10 to each of its relevant boons. So for a simple example if there were three possible boons and you added a gum that affected only one of them you’d have a weight of 1, 1, and 11 for the affected boon. That means your chance of getting the desired boon is 11/13 but you still have a 1/13 chance for the other two.

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