Woah! Fresh install, new perspective!

So my computer was dying so i switched to a pc my dad had laying about, he uses chrome os so he has no real need of his windows pc.

its got hardware from 2011, 3 years newer than my old pc.

fresh install of boundless and bam, portal animations, music, high details everything!

and no isssues!

for the longest time i got used to turning down all settings in videogames, especially bounless to allow my pc to run them. But now that i’m on a pc thats not been used much and has better hardware, its new eyes for me!

I used to have the music off so i could play my spotify playlist…well its on by default now and its amazing.
the portal animation are so cool, i forgot what they looked like.
i now see more details in the blocks than before :open_mouth: everybodies skin looks smoother :smiley:
It feels like i just bought the game and its my first time playing, again

Not only that but my surround sound somehow is properly working. changes how i hear the game as well with other players walking near me. instead of a basic fade it has a direction D:

if you play boundless with everything turned down or off, if your pc can handle it, i recommend seeing what its like with everything on, and turned up at least once.

It feels fresh for me. like its 2015 again.