Wonderstruck... I will give you my firstborn son if you just


let us organize our ‘Locations’ tab. I need it so badly. My son’s name is Kaladin and he will serve you well.

Even if you did the bare minimum of letting us organize places into collapseable folders for each planet, I’d be fine with it. I’m so desperate. Hear my plea. :’(


Edit: Figured I’d add what I posted in the comments to my actual stupid post for those who don’t scroll and read the next comments.

"Okay so my actual idea for organizing the Locations tab would be simply allowing us to have customizeable, collapseable folders that can be added and deleted at our whims.

  • Click, ‘Add New Folder

  • Box comes up asking us to name the folder

  • Name folder, “Markets

  • Find all of my saved Marketplaces in my Locations tab and send them to that folder. (Drag and drop / drop-down ‘send to x folder’ button / whatever works best for the game)

  • Repeat for any other ‘types’ of places you have saved.

^ This is my ideal organizing situation. It would make me happier than any man has ever been. You can organize your Locations however you wish, and it would be so much prettier and lucid.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk."


Also I don’t actually have a son I’m just so desperate that I’d lie to you over the internet please help me I’m drowning in a pool of unoptomized text


Location folders, supported


One day, someone named RedY3 will stop Kaladin on his way to the university and will tell him this story of how you wanted to give him for a collapse-able menu.

After that, RedY3 will tell him how this was the sacrifice everyone didn’t know they needed :joy:.

All jokes aside, organizing the locations is a neat idea.


Also… What is up with all of this space to the right of each Location? Yo, we could fit so many more Locations on the screen at once! For an example, I employed my excellent artistic skills.


I definitely like the EA locations in the second column! :joy: seriously it would be nice to have organization options for the locations/WARP tab. It’s all good that when ya look at the locations you can swap thru by planet, but NOT when opening a warp…


Letting us add tags to locations and making it searchable would give the desired effect. Plus that way you can have multiple descriptions for the same place instead of a singular folder. Tag the planet, region, colors, and anything else you want to add.


Vul… oh Munteen… ah damn Ando and Solum too…


That screen shot is the best thing i’ve seen all day. You deserve a trophy.


You guys/gals remember when they were not even alphabetized? That was pure insanity! I’m happy we have them in alphabetical order now!!

I stand behind your location organization 100% also!

Awww, I miss my ice House on solumn. And the ruby quantity on vulpto!


I miss all of the old EA planets. I think it would be cool to have them return as exoplanets one day. I’d have a convulsive fit of nostalgia.


Oh Stormfather! It was Solem, huh? Not Solum. Think I had a minor stroke.


Im bumping this post… Its good a read to not be #1


Love this idea, I think searchable might even be easier, with quick access aswell.

Also being able to pin recipes so you can go grab the stuff you need without having to knowledge tab or run back to a machine every 5 secs

Maybe it’s time.to call Google and build in assistant for the very first game ever!

Just imagine voice activated music, average price checks, way better messaging atleast STT being able to save a location by voice…endless possibilities great advertising for the game too…yes I know I’m mad is still not 6am


Yep, love this idea too, it would be nice to organize my big messy list of mining and gathering locations. :wink:


I would like this. Just with minor tweak like filtering per region would be great.


ow i so need this for my alt list


ladders or elevators please! :grinning:


Why is it we are only talking about locations list. What about that beacon list. I want to be able to sort by planet when looking at the warp conduit list. Even the beacon list being alphabetical by planet would be great.


@kernal I totally forgot you wanted mentioned about GUI stuff since you’ve been working on a GUI overhaul. This idea would technically be in that line of design. :slight_smile: My son is a hard worker.