Wonderstruck is going to get me fired


Every night for the last 3 weeks ive told myself i will go to bed early cause i have to be up at 7 for work.

At midnight tonight i checked the clock and thought, yep, definitely going to bed.

Then i had an uncontrollable urge to build a chandelier… and now its 2am.

Pretty sure this game needs to be classified as a class A and banned. Worse than crack.


Haha its always “i’ll log off at this time” then the time comes and i’ll say “well let me get a full smart stack before I log”. then its “well this hammer is almost broken so let me break that first” and the cycle continues :joy:

And if I’m gem mining don’t let me find a gem right before I log smh


Yeah tell me about it, one thing always leads to another and before you know it hours have passed.


There’s definitely something in these games that when you need to log off, the addict switch goes on and you can’t log off… I think we’re all on the same page… I gotta go, i need to find by boundless bag and my straw! Ok im out :point_left:


hurr durr derp


Best pixelcrack ever! :grin::sunglasses:


The boundless collectors edition now including: pixel art pipe and rolling papers


I want to beleive this but it just sounds so unreal and also not like its from america, i dont know lol


I was playing till almost 7am this morning heh

I wasn’t tired!


I dont work, i live on disability aid+some gigging. And this game is still ruining my life.


That’s for paghological gambling


The least they (Wonderstruck) could do is offer a support group. . . I’ll bring the coffee and donuts.


Certainly didn’t read the reviews before buying:




I think this review is what made me buy it when it released on PS4 :joy:


OP just grinded the Steam Review epic.


Thank you all for your support. Made it out of bed in time… Cant shake the feeling my chandelier is too big though.

Chisel cravings are real.


Not only does the game keep me Up until 2pm, I’m way behind on my TV and every time I see “Wonderstruck” ACDC gets stuck in my head.

“Yeah, yeah, yooooooooou”.


Nope. Gambling was already classified as an addiction years ago. The new WHO finding is strictly gaming related. It really is an addiction and while I find it to be partial bs, I believe it is possible in many people.


I’m not saying it’s not real. But the one he quoted is for gambling. Which is probably why it’s been edited out in his post.


Thank you for verifing I do not have a Gaming Disorder. But i am dancing on the Edge of a sword in my birthday suit… But fortunatly it has not impaired my work, chores, or wife. But i got to do a coal run and a titanium run tonight, and I need to go on a foraging run and shimmering orb run. Then spend half the night forging tools. Then repeat.

@uni3k Im rite there with you for the last month.