Wonderstruck is going to get me fired


ow maaaaaan… 6am already, again, and i wasnt wood cutting yet >.<


If gaming disorder is a thing, than I am fat cuz I have McDonalds disorder. Nothing is my fault.


Fired!? Nope, more like divorced! I can work tired, but I’m lucky to have a wife that don’t care. She has her teen mom and all that reality tv poop, and I have my games. Been together 16 yrs, married 10. She’s known my gaming addiction since day one. While doing the first Final Fantasy X run, I wasnt allowed to progress the story line unless she was there. :rofl::rofl:


People trying to sell you rock inside the game too, this can’t be tolerated! :smiley:

And I hear you, I sometimes eat hours later than I wanted, go to bed many hours later too, it has this “ahh, another hour!” and then suddenly it’s like 4 hours later…

Last week or week before I was thirsty, kept saying to myself “thirsty! go grab a soda can quickly from the fridge”, took me an hour before I grabbed it, then took me another 2 hours before I actually opened it, but did I take a sip right then? Nope, waited until it was on room temp, sigh…


Walter White couldn’t make it any purer.


It’s crafting timers that keep me going half the time. Oh in just 10 mins that will finish. Then I can set off this craft for the night.

Then it’s. Oh. Well in 10 mins this one will only have 5 mins left… And so the cycle continues until it’s 3am and I’m just left regretting my life choices.


i feel you,
i neet leave for work at 09:00 but since boundless i go up on 06:00 just to play 2 hours while eating before doing the morining routine.


I taped my legs together and stubbornly claim i cant walk and that its a medical condition. Took a few weeks for people around me to give up on me - especially the wife and kids - but now i have way more time to play.


Perhaps Wonderstruck need to put a disclaimer at the front end of the game when you first install it with some sort of terms and conditions you have to tick before you can play saying that they take no responsibility for anyone losing their job, family, social life and a health warning about eating and taking exercise at regular intervals and possible danger of a ruptured bladder :rofl:


You jest. . . But honestly they need to. I am surprised their lawyer has not already been all over that and the may cause seizures disclaimer. Guarantee those disclaimers are coming.


Ya the seizures will prob be a thing. I frequently gotta look away because of this or that .


I’ve been seeing these abandoned buildings pop up in my city so I was curious took a look inside. Dozens of people on the floor with their laptops and ps4 controllers, drooling and rolling back their eyes but completely euphoric.


Not only that it’s often enough with me that it goes like:

  • want to turn that mass craft of pies on, finaly have all the main ingredients!
  • oh, not enough bags of sugar, I’ll just make some real quick!
  • whoops, not enough syrup need to collect some sap/starberries first
  • oh noes, not enough sackcloths! let’s hunt those 20 fibrous herbs I’m missing to make more
  • etc.

Before you know it you did a whole list of things before you finally can turn that mass craft on!

Plus it has this “I’ll finish building the roof/bottom floor/whatever” and it somehow takes way longer then you think…