Wonderstruck is illuminati

So @zeathoros found out that Ben was illuminati. But i’ve found a even bigger secret…
Ben works at wonderstruck. Wonderstruck is illuminati. Don’t believe me? Well take a look at this.

So let’s start with the Wonderstruck logo.

Can you see it? Let’s take a closer look.

But there are more triangles in the logo.

Wonderstruck makes games.
Oort Online.
How many O’s does Oort Online have? There are 3 O’s.
A TRIangle have 3 sides. But a O in the middle of the triangle, and what do you get?

Now, let’s take a look at the Oort Online logo.

You see it?

But there are many other proofs in Oort Online.

Seems like the images got deleted. Wonderstruck is removing them.
Please spread the word. It’s time to wake up.



We need to attack their main offices on the *******
Oh no they are editing my post in cant write where i the iluminaty base!! IS IN!!! *******

Sorry there is nothing to read here please ignore this post FDO: Ilum…werff… yhea werff… not Iluminaty… yhea…

Long live to oort online!!


Hmm, seems like your comment is being manipulated. Just find a way to tell us where the base is.

Get some humor guys, it was fun the first time but…

I knew it. You’re part of the illuminati too

Is wonderstruck editing your comment? That couldn’t possible be your words…

Le sigh
<Oooh reading secret messages you are?>

Ever get tired of beating the same joke to death?

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How can you get tired of illuminati jokes?
But if you are tired of it, it’s not like you have to read it :stuck_out_tongue:

the illuminati are editing their comments

April 1st is coming up, just putting that out there.

ur evaluations are on point m8