Wonderstuck HQ V3: We've got new digs!

Welcome to the new Wonderstuck HQ v3.0! We’ve moved a few minutes down the road (still in Guildford) to escape the demolition of Wonderstruck HQ (v2.0). Suggestions for art, colours, decor for the new office in the comments!


Nerf guns and munkin, I approve.

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you messed up a bit so the dude on the far right have a spike on his head.

I think you should get some pink art to keep going with the pink feel of oort, other than that you should get whatever ya like, i for one would plaster it with different posters cause i love posters and i have a ton, but i have no wall space anymore xD

for something specific you guys should get this poster

then it doesnt feel so bad when things mess up


You should add art from each one of your games on the wall.


I see Ubuntu stickers. That’s a good sign.

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The only thing a company that makes software really needs is more coffee machines :smile:

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I still think I’ll be at a disadvantage as a programmer who doesn’t like coffee^^

Your office won’t be complete without keurigs :stuck_out_tongue:.

Make yourselves a lego wall; mount a bunch of lego baseplates to the wall, and away you go!


I know we’re discussing an alternate name for Oort Online but I didn’t know you changed Wonderstruck^^
I hope that doesn’t mean the progress is stuck :stuck_out_tongue:
(Hint: look at the title of the thread and the first paragraph of bens first post^^)


They arent changing wonderstruck, they are just switching locations, no?

I even gave you a hint^^

aaand?.. your point is?

ah, assumed it was just a typo. nice catch, personally dont like it. but very much a matter of personal opinion

It is a typo I hope^^


Nothing energy drinks cant solve.

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They don’t really work for me^^ If anything I get tired xD

Fine, you can snort pure caffeine.

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I’m not sure the “the more the better” approach is the best here xD

This is a must in any office, especially when it comes to gamedev. We had a treasury like that on my previous job.