Wooden Doors With No Holes In Them?

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Ello, are there any wooden doors with no holes in them?

I’d like to close off my building from emitting harder light from the windows, and the stone just doesn’t look right, but the wood is like a sieve.

I guess what I’m looking for is a ‘basic’ wooden door, or a solid one.


there are not, sadly.
…I would love a new set of low tier building stuff (‘reinforced wood’ for example (wood + smaller metal bits) something very generic. although I like the boundless tribal / art deco style, it does not fit all themes.
people are going to build in all styles (like it or not) and the more vague a thing is, the more uses it has in this case


The types of doors that don’t let in light are: plain stone, plain metal, stylish gleam, ornate stone, ornate metal, ornate gleam.
Though gleam doors do give off a small amount of light, which can be fixed by using black or other dark gleams.


Cheers, folks.

I think I might have to go with metal, and see if I can spray paint it a wooden colour, perhaps?

Can you spray paint doors?

You can’t spray paint any metal stuff. idk about wood and stone doors though.

You can test things like that out on creative worlds, if you can’t get an answer on here, btw.

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mmm, cheers, ry!