Wooohooo, it's Wednesday again ... What may come today? ;D

Oooooh, the holy day of the week has come again.

I wonder if and what we get today ;D … Any wishes or idears what may come? ^^


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How cruel :stuck_out_tongue: … James said that they had a long weekend cuz of easter but it MAY BE that they will make a small update, so the hope lasts :wink:

Actually, maybe they’ve been working on character races, craftable beacons or combat and decided to work longer on it :open_mouth:

Just speculation. But would be super cool

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We might get something out today. It’s only a might as we’ve lost a couple of days in the week.


Such a tease…

Release is postponed to tomorrow. Sorry! We found a crash issue and want to fix it before releasing the update.