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Whose workshop am I creeping around today? Jiivita, the one and only Vanq and Phyrr!


Thank you for visiting. I NEVER expected my place to EVER make it in a video . Yes it’s definitely a WIP Lol! The water elevator was there before I decided to put in portals. Just never got around to putting glass to cover the hole up, sorry.

I was hoping you would have went up the ramp beside the bathroom, to see the lounge, grill, bar and swimming area. Maybe you can see it on a day that your just piddling around and bored.

I wasn’t intending for it to look like a pyramid, it just happened. I was throwing blocks here and there with no rhyme nor reason of where or how to place anything. And that build was the result of pure luck. Mainly trying to finally do a build that wasn’t just a square box.

Yes I was yelling through the house to my husband that my workshop made it in a video haha. Thank you again for coming.


Aww! I hate I missed the pool area! But I did love everything else I saw! Those beds were genius! And the monochrome areas of your workshop were so pretty! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! I have very little ideas of what to do and kept the shape of the caves. I have a few cute builds, but they don’t have furniture except one other

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Have you tried looking in @georgegroeg Smelly Couch build?


Yes! I absolutely adore it. He is one of the best builders that I know. Here are pics of the lounge area and in the next room joining it. Oh and the 3 titanium chiseled blocks on the kitchen counter, is.the closest idea I could come up with for canisters (flour, sugar etc).



I love that your first thought was the 3 shells

Also that trashcan is really cool, i did not notice that when I was there but when you first opened it I was like what is this magic block I’ve never seen


Thank you. I’ve been trying to build better lol

How did I miss that whole area! I love it!

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I watch way too many movies. :joy:

Thank you. It’s easy to miss the ramp by the bathroom. Glad you like it.

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I watched the video again, and don’t feel bad or anything, but I am a girl haha. I noticed that you said “he”. I didn’t realize it the first time I watched it. I was just so excited that my place was on your video that I did not hear that. So no worries but I am a she lol


I’m so sorry about that! I did find out later you were female. :flushed:

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It’s all good darling. No need to apologize