World 2 - Hanna Vas

Hey Guys,

I’ve done my second and really easy World, it has two Biomes, take a look!

##Flat Savannah:

##Sandy Savannah Hills:

(There is still no red sand…)


##And the Final World:

##Do you like it?
##Wanna play on it?

##Tell me! :smile:


That’s awesome!! Is there an occasional oasis at least??

nope ^^ I dont know why, but for me the “lakes” doesnt work and if I try to use the hightmap to create lakes, its preatty hard to controll them.

post the heighmap here and I’ll try to recreate it with an oasis biome :slight_smile:

Hum. I’m going off of no experience with the world builder here; could you like, make a third lake biome, but only have it appear on 5% of the world? Something like that?

yeah it’s possible :slight_smile: that’s what I would do (it’s a little bit more complicated though)

I’m just working on the lakes.

Okay, done.


  • added the “Lakes” Biome
  • lowered the height of the Flat and Sandy Savannah Hills Biome to fit for the lakes
  • added temperature noise
  • updated the Final World view.

aka Tatooine.

No Tatoinie is an Desert, thats an Savannah

Make Tatooine, Kashyyk, or Anderaan pretty please

I guess I could make it but, the things are so far away from each other that I cant make it nearly like the original Tatoonie, I could try to make the diffrent Biomes and they would be relative near to each other but I cant make them that far away like in the movies.

The main Character of this Planet comes from the gigantic Trees right? (I just looked up for that on Google)
You cant do such Trees, currently Trees can only be 1 Block thick, so no, thats not possible. Maybe in an later version of the Worldbuilder and or Game.

Can you show me some good pics of that? I’m not quiet sure witch Pictures show the World good.

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You would have to see pictures of it. It’s beautiful :slight_smile:

That doesnt help! Send me links xDD

I think the savannah biome should be in some bigger groups than they are right now :slight_smile:

The lake thing is exactly why we need subbiomes for this thing.

Its the biggest group I was abel to make, I tried to make it like everything savannah and only in the corner are the sandy hills but it didn’t let me.

Try lowering the overall height of the savannah heightmap and increasing the wieght of the biome :slight_smile:

That doesnt chance the noise layout, my friend ^^

No but it increases the size of the spots :slight_smile: