World Builder

I purchased Oort Online with the World Builder in November 2014 however I have never been able to use World Builder. It never renders anything in 3D except 2 blue squares… The cmd that opens with it displays all kinds of ERRORs when I try to render anything… How can I uninstall and reinstall it? Has any1 else had this issue?

What graphics card do you have, have you tried updating drivers?

Just a standard Intel® HD Graphics card
Came with my Toshiba but the drivers are up to date

I have tried it on 2 other computers (my desktop I got last month and a school computer) and they all have the same problem.

Some google-foo suggests this is a bug in older intel drivers, are you sure you’re up to date?

What gpu’s do the other 2 computers have? It’s very suprising that you would have 3 computers all having the same issue.

If you do still have the issue, I should be able to workaround the driver bug in this case quite easily, and would be included with the next editor release, hopefully soon.

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I hope so… I know my school computer has a better graphics card but not sure the specs of it… I somehow think it’s my account or steam somehow and was wondering if I can remove it and download again without paying twice.

My Dell desktop is a month old and it’s graphics card is an Intel® HD Graphics 4600

I go to control panel > device manager > display adapters > select the graphics card and under the drivers tab I click update. They all say up to date… The intel update util won’t check it for me cuz they say its a custom chip installed by the OEM (Toshiba) who also has no new drivers for it.

The Dell I have is all the same, saying thy are up to date even tho the date is about a year old.