World control

Anyone can help plz , I want swap characters on my 2 world , do I have to put another world controls down for that character I want or does it have to be with the beacon’s who plotted that area ?

I could be completely wrong here but I think the world control can only be changed by the character the world is assigned too. I’ve not tried to be honest but that’s what I always assumed

all you have to do is give your alt perms to your beacon that has the world control
after your alt has perms, your alt will be able to change world colors.

note: chars must be on the same account that owns the planet

but its also possible to use your alt characters on your planet let them place a world control in their beacon area to be able to control your sovereign

so long story short, you can use your alt characters to change your sovereign settings

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That’s good to know. I’ve never tried it so glad that’s an option.

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