World of Warcraft

So I’ve recently started playing WoW again, and since Oort will be an RPG I assumed its followers are probably [at least 50%] RPG gamers.

One problem I have had with WoW recently is that I don’t know anyone who plays it any more. So even in a massive MMO game like WoW, I can’t help but feel lonely.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, who wants to play WoW? Would anyone be up for starting a WoW guild? Is there anyone who has been thinking about getting it but knew no other players?

Please reply with your character names and servers if you are interested.

Look forward to seeing some of you guys in Azeroth.

I would play almost any MMO with you except for WoW xD
But I think there are at least 3-5 people that play WoW and are active in the Forums.
If I remember correctly @TheBirne is one of them. I hope I do remember correctly^^

Haha ok, well thanks for the reply. Perhaps I will see you in other games then :slight_smile:

Oort of course^^ Or if you have it Hearthstone maybe?^^

I played it cuz of my gf back in time. For me it’s no fun, mostly because of it’s railroad progression and lack of creative character development. I play SotA as an mmorpg now and with strong involvement in Elite I have no time and interest in starting a second mmorpg next to it ^^ …

But I hope there are others who start to play it again now because of the coming expansion, just for you @thegamechicken to finding some ppl :wink:


To be honest it’s a bit of a love-hate relationship with WoW. There are a lot of things I dislike about it but I just keep going back for more :confused: .

With the new expansion coming up they have said that the game will be changing quite a bit, and that they expect a lot of backlash from the old WoW gamers. That could be good news for WoW in my opinion, breathing new life into the franchise.

Also, the new expansion will focus heavily on re-playability, with a different quest-line for each class specification. This would give us a total of 36 different class-specific quest-lines for us to follow. Again, it seems they might finally be taking a step in the right direction.

And finally, the new honour system, which will hopefully make pvp fun for the first timers again, rather than getting insta-killed for having no pvp gear.

Sorry for the short rant, but I really want WoW to get up, dust itself off, and start being a good game. I think that time is finally here.

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But if they make 36 times the same boring quests as they have now then it’s just a waste of money^^

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For the quests I like more creative concepts. I loved the way how gw2 handled it (no linear quest line cuz of decisions made on the way through the story with special quests for biographical choices made by character creation plus more a event like feeling in the quests and missions)

Wow has no free character creation, boring design in quests, to simple combat mechanics, carved in stone handling for DDs, tanks and healers and no feel of being special cuz of drops cut out especially for you (with stats for your class which you should wear). And, at last, normal creatures never seem to be a harm for you cuz you are the immortal hero and they are just mobs (even lower then a normal member of a mob armed with forks and torches). To get it down to a point : WoW is a game where the kinds of characters (dd, t, h) do all the time all the same stuff without any real depth in game play mechanics. And if they don’t play together they kill their time with grinding and bunching creatures with all the same stats and nearly without any special skills, even if they look different (sometimes).

But yeah, would be cool if they get the jump to a more creative game… But my doubts are strong.


Well i told myself this next expansion is the last chance i give it. So we will see how it goes.

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Wow was the first mmo I played. It was really exhilarating, scary and fun. It is nothing like the game today. Perhaps I just grew numb to the constant dumbing down of the achievements and challenges. Maybe I just grew tired of it. Either way Wow is just a fond memory much like when I played 4 player Doom back in 93.