World regeneration of player builds

I’ve don’t l know if this will be a thing,but I’ve noticed that people don’t always clean up after a bad build.
This makes the worlds look really dirty and unorganized. So I think it would be cool to have a “block de-spawn system”. If someone doesn’t finish a build,and they don’t clean up afterwards,the blocks disappear after certain amount of time(4-6 days).
That way people who just forgot to put down a beacon on a build they like,can have time to come back and do it.

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You mean that system should operate beside the regenerative system and should only target player placed blocks?

Or how do you think it should work?

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Exactly how you just typed it.

Why do you think a second system is necessairy? We don’t even know how long things have to de-/regenerate.

Ok,I put the parentheses up for reason,I don’t actually think that should be a entirely new system, just something to do what I said.

Maybe you’re lucky and the regenerative system takes care if that anyway^^

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I hope so, really bothers me.

It most likely will take care of it, however you have to remember something

  1. just cause you dont think it is bad or ugly doesnt mean the person building it thinks so
  2. people might have very limited time and as such it takes a long while for them to finish it.

Regen will help with some of this, however at the moment where you cant make beacons i think it would be stupid to implement such a system.


I’m guessing from a programming standpoint, it will be nearly impossible to distinguish between abandoning a build and forgetting to place a beacon. And this sounds like something the regeneration system will take care of in either case.


No,not entire builds,just random blocks players place and don’t clean up.

Define “random” :smile:. Therein lies the rub.

Please, do explain how such a system would work, as Clex said, computers are dumb, they only do what you tell them, and it would not be possible to program a system with the mind of a human that can do logical thoughts as to what is being worked on and what is not

if you are sure that it is not being worked on and you find it ugly, and its not beaconed then you could just manually tear it down, just remember if it is something being worked on you will be a griefer and nothing else.


Ok,give me but a moment.:expressionless:

I very much like the system of block degeneration and regeneration we debated How “regenerative” should worlds be?.

That is also still gonna be there, i think he is suggesting a simplified version to come like NOW!

G Just how much can it ruin your day to see a ‘‘bad’’ building? should we put a ban on building? so if a building is not good enough it will simply be destroyed?

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What I mean by random is…

•If someone wants to see what a block looks like
And they don’t like it,they leave it there.
•If someone wants to nerd pole up to some where,and they die and can’t find where they died,the blocks get left there to wait.
•If someone just placed blocks everywhere,just to make everything look bad because they suck.

Call me Sage please

Just remove it

Just remove it

just remove it.

Problem solved. Ta-dah!

When you say,just remove it,do you mean that I remove it?

If a 1 block pole can ruin your day so much and you know it isnt a real build, then yeah, why wouldnt you?