World-Specific Materials + Weapons/Equipment/Items

Another idea.

Endemistic Materials

Okay, so – Oort already has this feature of block colors being tied to their world of origin, which is awesome.

What if the same feature was applied to the materials used to craft weapons/equipment/items?

In other words, an iron sword crafted on any world doesn’t change its stats, but the hilt and/or blade color is tied to the materials it was crafted with, which change from world to world. So an iron sword crafted from materials on Tawas has a green blade and a dark gray hilt, but crafted from materials on Xewell; purple blade, yellow hilt.

It probably means that color alone couldn’t be used to distinguish an iron sword from a steel sword, but it’s not like the models would be identical anyway, right?

Anyway, then players could mix-and-match materials (especially rare ones) to craft & customize weapons and equipment (and maybe decorations?) to create awesome and unique stuff.


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@ben @james
this! Would it be possible?

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How about another idea: some materials can be founded and/or crafted only in specific worlds; and equipment from some specific materials has some power, relative by world, where uses. So, sword of Xewell’s steel can has maximum power in Xewell and be absolutely unusable in Tawas.

No way! It would be important that the differences are only cosmetic – it’s the material that matters. So it’s the opposite – you find some rare metal on Xewell, then you can absolutely take it to Tawas and kick some butt with a weapon crafted from it.

Hey, related PVE idea, could there be monster “types” at all? Fire, earth, grass, electric, etc?

Because then you could have elementally-charged materials that create weapons that are more effective against certain creatures…

That’s for another topic though.

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The idea of different energy-types on different ores of the same kind (but other origin) would be complicated, cuz what if I want to made a blue sword just for fun without it’s elementary damage bound to the blue one, but another one? … I think it should work like the way the woods and timbers work: Just for the color, the rest is up to other mechanics. … But if you have a “electric ore” from different worlds with different colors -> GO FOR IT! :smiley:


These ideas are sweet. It’d be super awesome to tie an elemental system into the ores system.

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Why only cosmetic? I think, it’s very cranky: possibility for crafting black sword of fire, or green mace of ice, or violet bow of light. When you see huge aircraft with a broad fuselage, you can surmise, what this is heavy bomber or transporter. And when you see yellow-red minivan, you can surmise, what this is ambulance.
If you want have blue shining sword, why you can’t accept his electric (as example) gist?

I think, players must do guesses about opponents from look of their equipment.

Okay, it can be more complicated. For example, every element (ice, nature, darkness) has individual visual effect, but more than one colour. So, electric can have dark blue colour in Gortnen, saturated yellow in Meezan and light-violet in Lepker.
But why you strong against idea about power difference? I think, it will be highly plausible, if water magic will working better in Gasan and Cshrime, and worse in Selta and Civini. It can be procedurally attached to properties of worlds, as a amount of seas and lakes, height of mountains, size of caves.

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how about mixing different materials into stronger alloys? or was that part of your suggestion?

This is what I’m imagining.


@Okkelinor Okay, fair question.

So, personally, whenever I consider an idea for Oort, I kind of imagine a graph like this:

I think Oort could find a real sweet spot by balancing between all those things. Basically, even if I think an idea is really cool on it’s own, if it doesn’t fit that sweet spot on my mental graph, I tend to oppose it.

Having a variety of crafting and elemental materials, whose individual strength differs from world to world, is a really cool idea. It would make you hunt and hunt for the perfect material. I said “no way!” only because it seemed too complicated, not the right balance. :smile: But I could be totally wrong!

Team Wonderstruck probably has a different approach, and that’s fine. This is just me being a designer. :grin:

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sorry to be nit picking. but the opposite of sandbox is themepark… sandbox and themepark are both mmorpgs…

but i agree that the idea is cool, would be really cool if the different materials had different colors or hues

i think it would be awesome if we could customize weapons and this would be a good way to do it, say if i make a sword style i simply love i can keep making it look precisely the same while getting better and better stats the further i go up. that would also be a way of doing it :smile:

Ah, thank you @Zouls. Themepark is definitely the right term there, I’ve changed it.

Also, I love the idea that your weapon grows with you. What other games have a system like that?

I like this idea. +1

As far im concerned… None.

i would prefer getting cooler weapons as i level up, but if the choice is between getting set weapons the higher i get or having total weapon customization from the start then i will pick weapon customization, the biggest difference is just how you can customize it, because a sword is not just a sword.

the inspiration is just from SAO, as you have clearly seen, he is called the black swordsman, but even though he get different gear and weapon as time goes on, they are all black, both the swords and the clothes.

But im honestly split, i deleted a huge rant about how it would affect the feel of getting better but i still feel it.

the better the weapon and armor the cooler it should be able to look, kinda. i think the colors would stay the same, the style might also stay the same to a certain degree. i dont know, i think they should get more detailed the higher level you get, it would be kinda sad to have the same looking weapons all the way through the levels, dont you think?

so i guess you can make the colors but the styles would be different or more detailed versions of the previous as you mentioned. i dunno. its a hard one tbh :confused:

@Zouls Haha, you know I’m down for that SAO business. :yum: And I think that’s exactly the kind of thing this idea would allow, to further build your identity with the additional control over color.

Edit: Yeah, I’m not sure you would want to keep the same sword for the whole game. There should be a progression there. But this way, you could at least keep the same color.

just a quick thought, im not sure how hard this would be to make, prob would be too hard, but its a way to combine them.

i still want crafting professions to be levelable, but thats how that is. ignoring that for a second.

lets assume for iron we have 15 colors split over the worlds, every color of metal have 10 prefixes that are the same for every type. so you have

Prefix. determine + stats. Color. Color of material. Material name. Name of the material

Strong black iron: + str
Mana Infused Blue iron: + int
Light red iron: + attack speed
Durable black iron: + Durability.

New math: if we assume we have 15 colors and 10 prefixes then we have 150 different iron blocks, if we assume that it will take 4 iron to craft a sword and you can only combine stats from the same color, that would give a combination. 10000 outcomes, if you then remove every single duplicate since the order doesnt matter (AAAB = AABA = ABAA = BAAA) then you get 2500 stat outcomes per color, so you could make 37500 different types of iron swords. Okay… i give up, that would be insane.

if we keep the same colors and prefixes for every metal type through the tiers they would only need to scale the stat boost it gives. we have already heard that you can put modifications into it to give these stats, but that could be avoided by simply infusing stats in the material itself.

this is waaaaay off in scale and i imagine near impossible. im just throwing it out there since it would be a mix of having customizable weapon stats without sacrifing the ability to make it look the way you want.

@james anything at all which can be taken from this? or is the entire idea too overkill?

nevermind. too overkill o.o