World wide connected servers or regional borders?

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I have a question directed to the devs (@ben?, @james?). At the moment we have servers in game that are on different zones (US east, US west, Eu east, …) and can go to all of them (even if the connection get’s quite laggy sometimes ;)). Will the worlds in the final game will also be connected all over the world or will there be fixed zones with an own set of worlds for players of different regions (So no way to visit and stay at the places of the other region players)?

This is a very interesting issue imo. I’m curious as to how it will be dealt with. Maybe you would get a notification of the location of each server you’re going into? idk. What does the dev say? :notes: (what does that fox say?)

The way I see it, the game rules should naturally keep peoples in locations geographically near to them; so initial spawn world, and the ‘random’ worlds when creating standard portals to new destinations would all remain geographically close to get the best experience.

However, if you wanted to visit distant places, I don’t see why (except for perhaps providing warnings) we would do anything to prevent you creating a portal to a friend in a geographically distant location ‘provided’ that latencies are not ‘so’ high or unstable as to cause gameplay issues with your own client or with other peoples game experiences.


Ambition: A single universe where all players can interact in a unified MMO.

Reality: The speed of light.

We’re building OO so that you can go to any world in the game. Worlds are on servers. Servers are physically scattered around the world. Your latency between different geolocations will vary. Sadly there is nothing we can do about the speed of light. So we’re working really hard to try and minimise latency and hide it behind predictive technology in the game clients. Some players will be happy to play with friends around the world. Some will not be happy with the additional latency. So we’ll make sure there are enough geolocal servers. Hopefully we can satisfy both groups.

We are not currently planning to artificially limit players by geographical regions, the guiding rule is “it’s a sandbox MMO, stupid!”


Ok, so I hope that the joining to a distant world would only would lead to latancies at my own client (a cost I’m happy to pay for the benefit to play with all people over the world) and not to the game of all the others as well. To spawn and build random portals always at near worlds sounds reasonable :wink:


I am very appreciative of the ease at which worlds can be crossed without leaving the current one. The list is awesome in terms of convenience. Will the in-game list be staying at the release or will portals be required?

The List is only for the testing phases of the game. Later there will be only portals and warps. But warps can be used to travel to beacons you have tokens of or directly to friends, so the possibilities of travel between worlds will be satisfying. … Just have a look at what ben wrotes about portals and warps at …

I hope I could help :wink:

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Now wait a minute… @ben, can you take a look?

Seriously. Quantum-entangled servers can’t be that hard, right?

Yeah, I think Microsoft has a framework, they’re calling it Visual Paradox.

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I doubled the speed of light and now the game won’t start.


As long as you don´t divide by 0 :smile: