World wipes?

This has probably been addressed already, but are wipes to worlds expected when updates come in the future?
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@James Handled this topic here!

they stated at one point that they want to avoid world wipes as much as possible. no wipe have been done yet, the old worlds just got renamed but is still there.

eventually there WILL be a wipe. they are trying to look into a system that would allow you to copy an entire beacon, so if you made a cool build that you used alot of time on they would try to transfer. but i think when they remove infinite block placement and make crafting a big part they might have to reset.

From steam forums. edited for clarity
What if they can get away from a things built wipe?
What if…
We, Pre-Alpha supporters, are the Oortians? What if everything we are building with infinite blocks become all the buildings that the worlds will hold when live? What if we are shaping the visual experience for everyone yet to come to this ambitious MMORPG? What if the cities we build and protect with beacons (self placeable in update 100!?) are there for us at launch. Centers for the commerce. A haven. A place to begin again, to group up, to…


Then we will be gods among men for creating the world in our image (or imaginations) LOL :innocent:

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