Worldbuilder crash when clicking on settings

Escape, clicking settings and the program close.
Sended 2 auto-logs when started again.

Can you clarify what you were doing exactly? Did you mean press the Escape key?

Also what settings were you clicking on?

Started a server from a biome-part (the green dot). After joining it i noticed that my keybindings was reset.
I pressed escape key to main menu. When clicked on settings the program closed down.

I do not remember if it was the local server or the whole worldbuilder program that shut down.

It looks like it is only the worldbuilder on beta testing, when running on live it works fine.

And it is the server that shut down, not the worldbuilder itself.
Another autolog sent.

Could you show a screenshot of the biome node that you’re using, so I can see if I get the same thing?

Also, by ‘autolog’ do you mean that you were presented with the option to submit crash dumps?

It is same on all servers started from the worldbuilder- program from test-server, biomes, prefabs and worlds. I have to switch to live to get my preferred settings.

It looks like it cant find the settings file and close the server.

Yes, submitted 3 new crash dumps.

Do you know the approximate time and day you sent the crash dumps on and is your Boundless username the same as your forum username?

I do not remember the time, but was in now and checked, submitted 2 fresh ones at minutes around 20:00 uk time.

It looks like the server still running, i can reconnect after the client close down.

And yes, same name.

I can see one crash dump submitted at 19:55. Does that sound like the time you submitted it at?

Also, when you said the following:

Did you click on the green dot in the node shown in the screenshot below?

Yes, and yes.

Random biome clicking on setting.

Thanks for the confirmation (and for the video), I’ve added the information to the bug database.

Can you try the Testing version?

For me, the client doesn’t even finish opening and crashes after loading the assets.

On the new testing 249.2 the client close down direct (after the boundless loading screen) when i click join client up left.