Worldbuilder Questions!


Hello all,

If you have questions regarding how you can to achieve certain things within the worldbuilder, this is the post to ask them! If your question has already been asked, please like it so that we can easily see which questions users most commonly have. I will hopefully be able to answer most questions on this post but please feel free to reply to questions if you have a good solution to someones problem!

Make the *world builder* more accessable?

Hi @Tobelawe,

i am struggling with one particular effect in worldbuilder. so far im good with other ideas i came up but this one is a big problem for me to achive.

I need to make a biome with floating island above lake and lake surrounded with mountain range around it. more or less like this pic here

in that particular shape (i mean the floating island)

cant make the builder to generate simmillar effect :frowning:

  1. also for the same biome i need a small pond of water on that floating island but my guess is that ill have to create decoration with water then add it to the island generator am i right? fi there is other way please help :slight_smile:


Hi Hashmalash,

You have some very difficult problems here.

The issue is that manipulating 3D noise is incredibly difficult when compared to 2D noise. Creating 3D islands which taper outwards at the bottom is very difficult and something I only achieve with luck rather than skill. I would recommend you try lowering the y frequency on the 3D noise to achieve this kind of affect.

You will not be able to create water on top of your floating islands. We have thought about creating a system to spawn water naturally at varying heights but have not created it yet . Currently I don’t believe we support placing water blocks in prefabs. If we did, prefabs would be the best way to achieve this. I don’t think it would be much work for us to add water and lava blocks to prefabs. We could do this in the future.

Creating lakes is relatively easy. I would take a look at the 2D ditches node, this might be a good start. If not try experimenting with this node setup:

-> worley
-> perlin

Worley can produce round areas. Using distortion we can create blob like areas (lakes).

Creating mountains around lakes can be complecated. There is a lot you can do with 2D noise to try and get this effect. I would try using the “Rivers” node with negative river depth to create mountains. This should with the right settings also produce lower lake like areas.


Oh great hints @Tobelawe ill definitly try them right away. i might even post my results :slight_smile: i hope this will work :slight_smile: also about water and lava blocks. you removed them from the game some time ago but i heard that u will implement them again with some modification so ppl cant troll with them right? then it woudnt be a problem. to make a lake on that floating islands. :slight_smile: correct me if im mistaken :slight_smile:


There is no issue with allowing people to use water and lava to create prefabs as far as I am aware. The problems is when people can collect water/lava and use it to greif other players. We do want to allow players access to these blocks. More blocks is always more fun. We have had a few ideas as to how we can stop griefing but as of yet, placeable liquids is not high on our priority list. It will probably be a post launch feature.


I noticed that when using your worldcolour palettes, there is a slider to change base hue. I tried copying this directly from the .json files, but couldn’t get it to work. Could you explain how you have set up that link?
EDIT: looks like this rectified itself upon restarting worldbuilder. However, I would stll like to know if there is a way to set up these links without having to edit the json files.


its just an exposed slider like any other custom-node can have.


Ok, different question then :joy:, is there a way to expose a slider without editing the json?


In a custom node file, it has to be attached to the root in some direct way, and then right click on slider.