Worlds- What do we want them to look like?

So there’s a lot of worlds to play around on currently, and there’s also a wide range of terrain types and geology. This topic is to discuss what we’ve liked so far, and what should be changed.

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To start off, I’ve particularly liked the worlds with less loose blocks and gentle slopes that make use of the sloping feature the most. Vekil and Melfig are good examples of worlds that I like. They have a nice open feel with flat ground, I just wish vekil had more trees or something to vary up the terrain.

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Now I need to recreate my plateau biome to show of what i want :frowning: Damn you.

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After the update I see a need for more trees and sand in biomes. Going to need to add even more biomes to my ongoing World Builder project.

One thing that is an absolute must for me is a world that has great looking lakes and huge rivers.

Not those tiny little creeks in minecraft, but actual rivers that are around 30-40 blocks across.


Wardin is pretty cool, lava everywhere and floating glowing land masses that I originally interpreted as meteors. It’s like an apocalypse, but because it looks dangerous I stay away.

you know what? We need plateaus:

(my very quick made noise for plateau creation under normal circumstances this would be more interesting but i am quite tired)


Honestly I wish I could test my own worlds, because I see a sea of green in that picture you see. I don’t know how to make my world mysterious when I don’t know what I’m looking at.

Well it is a noise map it it normally looks quite good when i actually transforms it to a biomes

I really liked the orange tree world with grey rocks and a bit of green. I loved the rock formations there. Does anybody know which I mean? Please tell me the name of this world. I possibly want to start anew there.

Yes I’d love to see a steppe like terrain with some good plateaus. Melfig I think does a pretty cool job of having some plateaus with cliffs and lots of layers.

Do we want realistic looking worlds? I know oort is going for a universal exploration kind of feel, but There’s something about real-ish looking worlds that is very very aesthetically pleasing. I think maybe It’s a lot to do with the color palette of the world? Potentially all the worlds should just have color shifted versions of an earth-like color scheme?

Or maybe the worlds start out with an earthy feel at the lower tiers, and as you get to higher tiers there are more fantasy elements and colors.


That’s a really good idea! I could see it working both ways imo- kinda like how in spore you were trying to get to earth from the planet you were on first.

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Wonder if game would benefit from a hunger system
And if temperature or oxygen could matter

This would make worlds where extreme heat or cold could be possible during days or nights and youd have to get gear for it and explore during day/night and stay inside/mine during the other time

Totally stolen from starbound but could add a lot to the game as well as certain materials found in such high natural danger worlds

Extreme temperature is not bad - it could create the necessity for building the right gear like carrying a medium sized barrel on the top of a backpack in a desert region. Is quite absurd (barrel), but would underline the strength of the inhabitants of Oort.

I would want Oort to look blocky and edgy. But I have problems with the 3d polygons which turn out after digging a block sometimes (as far as I know in computer game terms, a polygon is in its very basic form a triangular plain). I dont want to restrict already existing visual styles of this graphic fundament nonetheless.

I think blocky and edgy can sometimes be bad because it makes movement very hard and it doesn’t look as natural. We have slopes for a reason after all right?

And what do you suggest? An environment, where the graphics are presented like in a future vision of Google Maps? Or an overnatural high polished graphical product which can’t be altered like in Final Fantasy. Or the next Magic Carpet? Sorry for nerdin’ .

While temperature survival is interesting, what exactly would determine being inside? I mean obviously you could lock yourself in a shack and close the doors, but would the game be able to recognize that custom structure?

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