Would really like there to be a Night and day Cycle on Meunteen


Hi there I noticed today that there is no more night time on Meunteen and i really enjoyed night time on that planet…
Please bring it back? <3 pleaaaaaase




There should be a day/night cycle on Munteen. We’ll look into it, thanks.


Munteen night sky is fab. :heart_eyes: I was looking at it today and with more planets there its just amazing!


Looks fine to me. Whereabouts on the world are you experiencing this?


Im on East of Plana Turn Munteen VII it honestly hasnt seemed to be night time at all since i played yesterday and this morning. if its night time its really bright out and doesnt look like night time at all. kinda miss the old night time where its actually dark out haha. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you can give approximate coordinates of where you’re seeing this I can take a look.


i think its this number


let me know if these are the right numbers.


That’s not quite right. You need to check the coordinates from Places -> Location:


1,686N 2,177E ALTATUDE 145
okay that should be right.

thanks lol


The sun doesnt move is seems


it use to be night time like this but me and a couple other players havent seen the night sky since the new update happened.


Are you sure you’re not playing a new character that hasn’t completed the tutorial yet? (Tutorial has perma day-time)


Ive been playing the same character for months now and i haven’t had a problem till yesterday.


It was introduced in 188:-
- During the Tutorial it is always in the day time.


Out of interest, what part of the tutorial did you not complete?