Would someone be willing to give me some feedback on a build?

Hey, could someone give me feedback on the color palette I’ve chosen for my build? Given that the image displays what a typical wall will look like (at least in color, if not design), which exterior floor color would look best? Both would be sedimentary brick. On the left is Oxide Azure; on the right is Rust Slate.

Colors of the other blocks in the image:
Stone Walls - Dark Turquoise
Lustrous Wood Trunks - Dark Mustard
Chiseled Sedimentary Supports - Silk Turquoise

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Looks good. Like the floor on the right

I personally like the rust slate. It gives a good contrast to your chiseled supports. At least imo.

Rust Slate would be my choice.

With the darkness of the walls and pillar blocks the rust slate would look better to keep the build from becoming very dark and gloomy unless that’s your aim for a darker build. Colour choices are nice though they go nicely together.

the one on the right, I like the contrast… the ‘pop’ if you will… however what is the context of the build? I see it blending into the world around itself, hiding in plain sight? If that’s the case I would consider the left side to be the better option.

right side…
Looks awesome

Yeah, just agreeing with everyone else here: the right one.
Makes it “pop!” instead of all blending together.

very nice!
I like the floor on the left for outside and the floor on the right for inside

actually right floor would look good for both :stuck_out_tongue:

A lighter yellow block would help the trunk blend well with the blues. That or some light yellow lighting here and there.

The light grey and tbh there are better colour woods about that would work better with the greys you got going in your stone :thinking::flushed:

I have pulled up a color wheel a few times already. It can be really helpful for getting an idea of a simple color palette. I’m a big fan of triadic colors, which are just three colors spaced equally on the wheel.

Agreed brown doesn’t flow well with the build.

edit: lol just realized its been a few months ago haha