WOW new backers!

I just refreshed the main page, it went from 6,855 to 7,535!
maybe there were some that havent been reported in a bit, but I pretty much try to check that daily!
So glad to see our community grow :blush:

i still see 6855 though xD

The main page is weird and does not update properly. In fact, just switching web browsers often shows backward progress.

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Just for fun, here is the current breakdown.


I always love charts and graphs…
Yeah, I know it doesnt always report correctly, I had a post bringing that to attention sometime ago, but I really like seeing such a huge increase in contributors, even if its something that has happened over time.
Its still an increase of 700 people :wink:

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We added the Steam sales today :smile:


Wow only $12,734 left until next vote :slight_smile:

I hope you guys are working on it.


Damn, I thought the steam sales would be enough to unlock the next feature ;D … but ok, the next month there will be even more new backers because of the new crafting, which will lure some of those who wanted to wait till there is more then only building :wink:

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The host we’re using for the managed CMS install is a disaster. Their caching is all over the place, the perf is patchy, the uptime is worse. We’re going to migrate off this when we get a chance. But it’s far from our highest priority. But you’ll likely appreciate that it’s acutely annoying for a team that prides itself in product + technology quality. :frowning: