Wrong Boons on finished product


20181205111515_1 I had damage lvl 6 on this along with all the other boons and quirks. Upon finalizing when I clicked the que, it has a -damage on it now.

What am I missing here? A total waste of my ingredients?


There is damage reduction tied to the AoE boons lvl 1-4. Forged damage on Diamond tools goes positive at level 8 damage boon (should should +20 damage then) if the tool also has the All Adjacent AoE buff.


Now I am second guessing myself. Maybe it was only a lvl 4 on it. I really thought I had a 6 though.


Higher the AOE the higher you gotta push the damage so is not negative. I think 6+ starts being positive.


-270 looks around right for Level 6 Damage. Level 7 damage is -30, and there seems to be larger gains going from even level to odd level than odd level to even level (if that makes sense).


yep. I will say it definitely seems impossible to push current forge to better than before with the totally completely random quirks, and the eating of vigor to change the quirks. The dev said “creative players could push beyond the current system” . However I find that’s impossible with less vigor buffing, and totally random quirks.

It isn’t creative players, but absolute luck rolls. @Manabanana who did all that testing to prove that, now makes me wander if any of his suggestions were considered. The notes now look just like the test notes when they asked us for our opinions. anyone confirm this?


Thank goodness i forged about 30 hammers before the update. I have a feeling pre-update gear will go for an arm and a leg.


What is your set-up now, just out of curiosity? I havn’t played with the new forging at all yet, are there any mats that you have found to be way better/worse since the changes?


Z I got my bar pinned in the forging channel. It gives close to same results as before. As far as “better” I cannot say.


still testing, and trying diff combo’s. Don’t exactly have a set up yet.

@Rumplypigskin shhhhh, guild secret


My forges come out to about the same with very little change to my setup. You have negative damage because of the AoE. Your forge looks to be doing exactly as it should be.


I just took 15 mins to forge a t6 hammer. 3x3 and +20 dmg, did not go for durability as well since its for personal use. Also got higher action speed aslt high health and lower energy use at high energy. I maintain that naturally while mining. So for me it’s better t6 than I had before the update…
But alot of people don’t see that as bonus speed and less energy per use. They see “it’s not what it was before” and don’t want it. I don’t get it but then again I don’t really sell these because of the wild west market style :slight_smile:


I’m not trying to attack you personally but I’m going to say you created a 2 stat hammer with a lucky off roll, and half the durability and a negative quirk. While it’s still worth using for sure, I wouldn’t in any way consider this even comparable to what was made pre-patch.

Spitballing I’d say that’s a 12K hammer compared to the 24k hammers sold before.

Edited to clarify better vs comparable.


Pfft! I mean I aim for those hammers. And if I sold them they would be for 8k since that’s a bit more than it costs me (including tax.) I will make plenty of aoe +dmg +dura hammers and if I sold them it would be for 12k. Don’t try and throw prices at me because the prices currently are insane for cost of materials and difficulty of forging. I don’t shoot for 3 boons on average because it takes feathers to do alot of that forging. And I dislike the drop rate on feathers atm so I play around it, personal choice and I have great results with this method. I mean if you are paying more coin for one feather than it costs to make a whole new hammer… It doesn’t really make sense to me. Heh so I just make and forge the second hammer. Especially now since decon resin is great and the boons I use now are less than half cost compared to my old compounds.

Also its quite nice under this bus. Since I literally just made the hammer as I was reading the forums and wanted to share the immediate results of a short forging session. (tip. You aren’t going to make someone less mad or feel less attacked with a header before saying what you think of what they did. Sine you aren’t them you don’t know what they did and can’t make much of an informed statement as to what they did actually do.)

I mean you do you, and judge my forges how you wish to friend. But faster hammers with same damage stats means more resources per minute right? And if it costs me the same to make 2-3 of my “lesser” hammers than it costs to make one you consider worth it… I dont much see why one is “better” than the other. As opposed to just different.


Someone asked for my input. I’m not trying to argue with you. You essentially suggested, everyone should be happy because I’m happy with my inferior product. That’s your opinion and I respect it. But my happiness is unrelated to your opinion.

Best of luck out there dude.


There are definitely some quirks I will be aiming for. I haven’t nfound a way to get the desired quirk.


I don’t understand how anyone thinks it’s a worse system either. I’ve forged on the testing servers for dozens of hours and already forged several things on live since patch, and I’m getting much better quality. Same T6 one shot damage, same durability, 3x3, PLUS energy reduction, extra action speed, or higher max energy. And if I don’t get one of those 3 quirks, I can either transmute it to something I want, or to a quirk that would have no impact on the tool. Sink in water? I don’t worry about water when I’m mining. Extra aggro? I also don’t worry about mobs when I’m mining. Slower walk speed? It’s really not that much slower, and I’m not going fast while digging tunnels anyways. AND I’m using cheaper forge ingredients, so I have a much better profit margin. I could sell one of those hammers with a positive quirk for more coin, while it costs me less to make it. It makes no sense to me how people are getting so worked up over this.


I didn’t suggest. I said I was happy with what I consider a better item. I said many people weren’t. You then chose my specific post to use and reply to. I didn’t ask for you opinion, the op did. Reply to them and leave me out of it if you don’t want to argue.

Tip 2. Respecting someone’s opinion and stating that they are “happy with their ‘inferior’ product” is not actually respecting their opinion.

Enjoy bounding man.