WTB 10 smart stacks of ancient tech remnant 4c each

I’m tired of looking for the stuff lol.


I think I can part with 2 smart stacks

You should start using butt :wink: Lots of remnants for sale, though the cheapest are often gone since the data isn’t live.



Ooo that’s some great deals!

Weird how nobody sells me remnants at my eresho baskets. A flipper could make some coin there :wink:

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I got 8ss for 3c in your storage box at the megahub bank vault
Let me know if you want it otherwise i will remove from the box.
Same place I left you beacon fuel as you go through the big vault door on the right.

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Sounds good :blush:
3c for 8ss (of anything) is a killer deal!

whoops i guess i forgot the each!
I’ll dig around and see if I can make it 10

10ss ready to collect

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I been selling at my shop on Eresho called “little blue shop“ let me know when your about will show you where it is :wink:

I’m going to open a new shop on Arie River Towns very soon called “Fiestys shop” it’s been built just need to stock it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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you still need some? I have 10+ss of it, just got done making it all over the last week with 2 exctractors. lol.

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How do you make it? You mean essences right?
But anyway I’m good for now, TNT hooked it up.

lol totally read your post wrong. For some reason I thought it said Ancient Essence, cause I had just pulled a whole bunch out of the machine. lol.

ahhh. nice one…
thought it was an mod 4 pc players…
have to go shopping… xd

Only if you want to update prices on the website, you have to use a PC.

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