WTB 100+ 3x3 T6 hammers #3

3x3 T6 speed please

Doesn’t have to be exactly 100. Can be any number greater than 100. Let me know!

Wow that’s a big order

I can fill that with no prep time, if the price is right :wink:
What price did you have in mind? Feel free to DM if ya want

I usually like a discount since I’m buying in bulk. Usually pay between 5000 - 8000 per hammer. Happy to adjust as you see fit.

Yup, thats fair enough. Think ill let one of the Forge shops with a little more “oomph” fill the order, im not quite ready to go that low.

All good. I could go as high as 9000 per hammer but I’ve bought over 200 hammers from Host at 5000 per so I’m a bit spoiled :).

Yea, not too many around matching prices from Host or Nick :stuck_out_tongue:
I can do 9k if you dont find it cheaper.

9K is fine

You on now? Swing by Black Hand in the new Ulti hub, it’s in viewing distance from your own shop there.

omw /10chars

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