WTB 192xSS of sand 5c

As title says I’m buying sand. These are the colors I’m looking for:

64xSS black :green_circle: [COMPLETED]
64xSS cool grey :green_circle: [COMPLETED]
64xSS ashen grey :orange_circle: [CANCELLED]

Baskets are at my shop Nidavellir at Gyosha Mall, 24 Nebula Lane.

It’s located behind QR code, just walk through iconic.
There is a 7 day temp portal open atm if you prefer.

Please come and fill those baskets.

Updated order status


You probably know this, but you have to make these by blowing up gravel with combustion. You might do better buying combustion and gravel separately. But who knows!


Indeed, 3c is way too low if someone needs to make it for you from gravel or rocks…

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Thanks DK.

Yes, I know and this gravel should be easy to find as all of it comes from perma worlds.

I just want to try first if there is ppl with sand in stock first and if I don’t have luck I’ll take the gravel route.


I thought 3c for those who farmed a lot when those sands spawned in past exo’s.

Crafted sand at 5c would be a fair price ?

Price rised to 5c.

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Concrete crafted. This is my color selection, at most I may add 2 more colors in the future (cold berry, ashen grey).
I will stick to a small selection of “discreet” colors but I’ll try to have nice stock.

I hope you guys like it.


Looks nice!

That’s cool grey right? Because there’s also ashen and dark

If you need farm locations for black or grey gravel let me know btw :blush:

Thanks DK :slight_smile:

Yes it’s cool grey. I checked the other greys but this one was my favourite.

Got a farm for the black but I’d like to have one for the greys if you can give me a location for the cool and ashen would be great. I created a temp farm for the cool yesterday, but it’s underwater and I have to fish from time to time all the gravel it goes floating up.

Yeah I got you for cool grey :blush:

U on? I can hop on.

Yes I’m at gyosha. Come and visit my shop xD

I’ll have to get you the location come by my mall?

Ok, meet you around row A portals in a minute