WTB 300 k refined Meta Stones or 600k rocks colour does Not Matter

Like the the title says i WTB 300k refined Meta Stones colour does Not Matter
Want to pay 1c each.

If Somebody wants to do IT can also Farm the Rocks and i ll do the Rest paying 0,5c each then and would need the Double means 600k Rocks.

Ill check how much i can fulfill of that 300k and PM you.

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OK Sounds great :+1::+1::+1:

I can offer 100-200k of different colors. We can meet at PS Lamblis hub

I think i can do about 25-30k refined meta rocks of various colors. They are cooking now.

Great i set Up request baskets now can you deliver them @ Pharaos Treasues on Arie?

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As soon as theyre done ill drop them there. Hopefully by tomorrow.

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Hello mate and good day!

I went to sell you refined rocks today but your baskets were almost full.

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OK how many do you have ? Had to Work longer yesterz so Came Home and went sleeping

I didnt get notification for this. Weird. Still buying them or done?

I ll buy now Ashen Grey 300 k of refined Stones or 600 k Rocks.

What colours do have now ? And how many ? Message me Personal. Perhaps i can Take them for my friend .

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