WTB: 45k bones 1.5c (Done Thanks!)

Baskets are up and budgeted for 3 full baskets.

Simplest route is via portal seekers Biitula using the “sunken storage” portal in the NW corner.

If you come to my portal hub from any of the networks (signs say Lantern Gardens) you can use the down portal to get to the shop.

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Liar! Liar! You’re not buying 45k bones with 3 baskets that’s impossible! It’s 3 times 14.4k!


Sorry, just couldn’t resist :smiley:

Apparently I’m not buying any bones at all.

No one is selling?

Not even one yet, heh.

I dropped by today, was trying to see if you’d made a farm… :wink:

Thought of selling you some bones – but then I realised, I’ve paid more than that for the bones I’d be selling you. :neutral_face:

Ouch, and here’s me thinking I should log in and do some shopping. I tried to hunt today though and frankly, since the farming (foliage/grass/graphics) update it sucks every time i leave my base.

It seems like SOMEONE should be interested. I doubt there’s any left there but I’ll have to go and check for that stand on eresho next time I log in.

Managed to find 24k or so for 1.5c or less.

Came back to base and the baskets are full. I guess it was a good day for a bump, thanks to any and all sellers.

Someone cleared out a couple shop stands of my sap so time to get chopping again!