Wtb 5k rough oort/250c each & 6 k blink/235c each

forged with love
near ps hub
reachable via every hub on lamblis
price each 250c

you want to donate the big portal owner but you need the money…

sell it to me and ill donate it to them…


need now 2k blink too!!!

Oh well it looks like what goes around may in fact quite quickly come back around, haha. I’ll see what I can come up with in terms of blink for you… I usually just dump the horrible stuff in the bottom of a lake somewhere, haha

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i only used it 4 deco stuff… and a new project, too xd


I’m just arriving at the planet now and I know I have a wee bit sitting at home that I didn’t set fire to, lol

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raised up to 6 k blink… maybe more… if theres enough miners…
this was my last spot, nearby…

got 800 blink from there, still a lot to go… very nice spot… mostly without lava

pls delete everything here in forum ive created…
every thread… thx

Closed at the request of OP