Wtb at aqua


I just set up request baskets for the following at aquatopia mall, 2nd floor. Right in front of the TNT megamall portal via niia zed ka.

Goo kernal: 80c
Grey oxide rock: 3c
Mud: 2c
Ash: 2c
Compact clay: 5c

Trying to set up low cost sprays. Will appear soon in buy stands

Good luck with that price for goo kernels, havent really seen any go for less then 80c

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Yeah, I’m currently polling the community and getting information on another thread for this. As goo is new to me as far as business wise. Trying to understand how goo farmers make a profit

Yeah I just started my goo mine as well, but I know DK Mall and gyosha are around 80c a piece, not sure what they are other places

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Okay updated OP, buying goo kernals for 80c now

I’m trying to make a bunch of sprays. The mixing of colors is not the easiest but I’m having fun with it

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The mixing will be new to me, haven’t tried it yet.

I have increased my buy price for goo kernals to 100c each. 1 million coin in basket.

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Have recoined my goo basket. Buying at 100c each. 535k up for grabs

Still buying goo kernals at 100c each in my request basket here. Good way to make coin if you have extra from this exo

Recoined my goo basket another 770400 coin in it. 100c per kernal.

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