WTB Diamond shotgun: fastfiring, 5 projectiles

Let me know your price and the exact specifications of your item, im thinking around 9K so let me know what you would be able to make me for this price (or let me know the price if you require more coin so I can consider offer). It MUST be diamond fast firing and 5 projectiles.

Do you mean +5 projectile or 5 projectiles? If the latter, EZPZ @ DK mall a1 has these, 7500c

and another batch, still in the forge, will be in the EZPZ main shop on Maryx (portal from DK mall, TNT). Also 7500c


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thank you! I’ll be sure to visit, and if you got all the colors im probably gonna buy more than just diamond now come to think of it.

Come get some! :joy:

Ill get some!.. flags

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uuuu suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! loooool

Quit drinking

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but but but but but but but…then i get dehydrated

Bought some nice shotguns in your shop. I like the shop it’s clean and easy display of goods, nice overview and easy to find the stuff you need.

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Thank you, friend. Both @KArios and I love these shotguns that you described. @LunaiHunter calls them rainmakers. We put damage augments, drink mega strength brews and just pew pew pew our way through the wildstorks

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i made the rainmaker idea. might need a bit of range. you pew pew into the air and it comes back down and “makes rain” onto the wildstonks


I love them too, I zoom in with two in each hand pewpewpew, and it’s pure destruction! :muscle:

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Two in each hand huh? That is impressive. You must have big hands and skilled pinky fingers. :laughing:

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lol arg haha, Im bad at counting. or spielling, not sure which :crazy_face: