Wtb fate paste 2 vigor catalyst and pure boon3

Hey everyone if you could please direct me where i could buy fate paste 2 vigor catalyst and pure boon 3 id greatly appreciate it… Or simply let me know if you have it personally and would like to meet thanks

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@Sujimichi88 had some vigour cat left last night. Can get there on top row of tnt megahub. Portal name suji’s
I’ve got a bunch of spitter eyes you can have free for the pure boon if you’d like too

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Yeah i was just there everything is pretty much empty im actually looking more for fate paste2 but im always buying those too

Do you need a lot? If just a couple hundred I could part with some this evening

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Looking just to buy a few hundred for now

Ok cool. I’ll message you when I get on in about 7 hours or so if you don’t find some before then

Awesome ty i appreciate it

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Or u can use your knowledge tab to find on the planet…especially when some of the shops are empty or only have a few

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Forging mats are getting hard to find lately, even with the shop scanner :frowning:


Yes they are ive been going all over the place searching and nothing to be found sadly

Yeah, there’s few places that sell them already, and for us it’s been getting harder and harder to find the materials we need. I’ve not been able to keep up with pastes and vigour 2 for months now!
I can whip you up some fate paste as a special order though, if you still need it.


Yes please i could use a few hundred if possible

I bought all 900 fate paste 2 u had out thank you