WTB Feathers 7.25k each


40c each please. We need a lot. There is 100k in the basket.


Loving the use of the corruption there :+1:


Any idea on the stats on these bow?

Are they T8+ DMG, RANGE? CRIT? DURA?

Any quirk, defect?


Buying oortstone 200 ea.


Good price!


Full on oort. that was fast. Thank you all


Requesting Silver 30c ea. 100k in the basket. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.


I have a fair bit of silver alloy for sale, if you’re interested?


Yes I am how can I find it? Also I upped the price to 40c each. Basket located beginning of the North Wing in the outlets. Merry Christmas everyone. Everyone having a good day?


I’ll be on in a couple of hours, if you’re around for a trade? I have about 1000 silver alloy. What’s the going rate for alloy?


alloy idk. I sell ore for about 35c each. Would raither have ore and make the alloy myself unless I can get a dirt cheap deal.


Ok no worries.
I’m not selling dirt cheap unfortunately.

… But will sell the ore I get on my next run, assuming you’re still buying.


Just dumped a stack in there :grin::money_mouth_face:.
Make that two hehe


haha thanks Alienfish


Hi Buddy! How much silver r u looking for? I could meet up tomorrow or late tonight.


Maybe a few thousand more for now.


Soooo, looks like I processed it all into bars. Are you still interested in it?


yeah think I will still need a few


I am out of 1000s of silver already need more lol :slight_smile:


Hi Orrian, are you online?