WTB Feathers 7.25k each


Hey yes I am


Do you need any more (after that last 900)? Or any other mats?


Buying Feathers 5.5k each in the Oortian Outlets :slight_smile:


Requesting again. Just put 50k in the basket


Buying feathers 7,250 each in the outlets.


And I would sell them to you…but to date I have NEVER had one drop. On ANY level planet.


yeah I just killed 30 T5 road runners and got none. I have luck skills gathering skills everything.


This is an older thread, but if you are still looking, I have 3 feathers in my shop on Arie Plaza. I’ll drop the price a bit if you stop by when I’m there.


I am on arie


thanks for the 5 feathers. I just added more money