WTB Gleam Doors


Looking for more than a few hundred gleam doors at a reasonable price…preferably via a shop stand. directions appreciated.


Regular gleam, I have a few in storage. 3 With 50+, 86 cool blue.

Stylish I have 3 colors with 48-50+.

If you get me a number I can make you all youll need. Any easy to get colors.


honestly depends on just figuring how much my available money of 4,001 will be able to buy…im not so particular with the colors as i am with the amount since these will be used as storage doors :3


Ill do the regular gleam doors at 55c each.

And you do realize there is a prop limit of 500 per chunk right? If its a large storage area, you wont be able to use as you planned.


darn i forgot about the mesh limit…do all doors count towards mesh limit? even plain stone ones i suppose?


Yes, Any interactive block counts.

Storage boxes also do. So youll have to plan your project out carefully


well darn perhaps another day then…seems more thought will have to be put into this. ty for your help.


Thats fine. I used to have a store that sold everything. But my current build/store will only have rock/stone products. So if you need just msg me on here and we can meet up.