WTB Goo Kernels from Borealish II T7 Exo

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to buy goo kernels from the new T7 exo planet Borealish II.

Colours I’m looking for:

Dark Red (1,000,000c)
Hot Magenta (500,000c)

There is a total of 1.5mill coin in the request baskets. 100c each

The Mad Hatter’s Shop is located on Arie not far from the Rivertown Hub.

There is a portal straight to the shop at Rivertown Hub as shown in the picture below:

Rivertown is accessible from many locations:
GTG, Ultima Network, TNT Mega Hub(T1 Arie Portal), Fantasy Tree, Pharaos Kingdom, Planet Quinzel, Zockertbraut, DK Mall.

Any help is appreciated :pray: :heart:

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