WTB —- Hopper cores

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Trying to get in some forging before change need 7 hopper cores? Anyone selling or trading post your price or trade wants.

There are some shops in the Gyosha Mall that have hopper cores for sale. I think I saw one had several for 2500c. PS Biitula > Gyosha Mall


Thanks! I was running around last night and a lot of shops out but I didn’t check in goysha


I think they are the most desired forged ingredient now, and probably after the update to.

Only one shop selling 2 for 3500. Not paying that. I’ll hunt for them first

Loli’s shop has 53 hopper cores at 2500 each


How did I miss that??? Thanks

Nice work on the mall btw. Very nice setup!


Thank you :slight_smile:


that will change in the centraforge?

the ones for 3500 bought them for 2500 and re-posted them.:laughing:

Ran passed another shop in Ultima selling for 4100c ! Creature parts are the new economy!

Try buying feathers x_x


Portalis observatory on alnitans has some hopper cores, found by ps hub across water or through personal portal via ultima serp hub

Thanks for that, just went and grabbed some. Saved me a few coin =D

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I did think about it actually. Haha.

Was actually about to say try next door theirs are way cheaper before i saw vex’s pic.

Another good thing about the mall, keeps us all honest and competitive with prices. Unfortunately i only have a handful i gather myself so i cant compete with those prices and maintain stock. But the gyosha mall collective always has what you need!

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Nobody ever visits the Greenhouse in Bitulla, they’re selling creature parts at under market value when in stock, also titanium hammers for 1200c

I’ll visit it. How do i get there?

I saw 8 Hopper Cores for 2500 each in Tharkun’s Tools at Gyosha Mall

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Theres a pic and directions up a few posts.

Sorry on my phone cant quote (probably can, being naive and lazy… but honest)

I meant for greenhouse, i found it though. And I’d already been to Loli’s shop