WTB Kol Huroo all rocks


0k+ Meta
0k+ Igni
0k+ Sedi

Thank you to all the People who helped get the Stones. It is a tremendous help to my build :slight_smile:


Come to ADULT on Alder, we have giant shelves filled with rock that you can buy


Coords please :slight_smile:


@Lennexfox @Cactopod What are our coordinates ?


I’ll be checking you out later too, as I live on Kol, but still need a lot of its Igneous myself.


We have a guildie going to get some rock now, I’ll let you know when he is done


Hey there! I’m the guild member mentioned; I don’t have the quantity requested yet but I’ve established a mine on Kol Huroo to work on getting the rocks mentioned, it’s accessible via the Iconic resource hub. Sorry for the miscommunication ^^;


No worries :slight_smile:
Does that mean you dig the rock atm or a mine for me to come over to dig?


I’m digging the rock at the moment to fulfill your request, but it’s public access so feel free to use it too if you want :slight_smile:


Dont break into Sweat :slight_smile: Ill go Sleep soon now, EU time, so tomorrow or the day after will suffice. Besides i am digging at the same time, so dont over do and waste Tools :slight_smile:


I have a few thousand of these refined. Most of my refined stuff has 3c on the shop stands but if you wanted to clean me out I’d take 1c. Or some trade.


Have to wait for @Lennexfox to come back to me first :slight_smile:


What amount are we Talking please?


I found your mine, it’s right next to my place, was curious about the nearby portal popping up. :stuck_out_tongue: Is it mostly Sedimentary type in there?


Oh hello! Sorry for not saying anything before i set up, was looking for ruby hotspots for a two birds sorta deal. Didn’t see a mailbox on the structure there (assuming you mean the grid above the desert)to send an ask.

Aye it’s mostly sedimentary where it is and the base/portal is down on alt 8 for easy ruby access. Mined to the walls to allow exterior entry as well.


No worries, thank you for trying to look for a mailbox; unfortunately I haven’t made any since my last base and my friends took the ones I had. :sweat_smile: I’ll probably be making more at some point soon because of things like this.

If I did need the space I’d contact you about the beacon, as I would if it were anyone else; for now it’s all good. There are some other small beacons nearby too so I’m trying to be careful to not step on anyone’s toes, since that isn’t my intention with my build.

And yeah, it’s one of the more decent spots for Ruby on Kol Huroo, it’s decent for Silver too. Hence the Silby (silver+ruby) Desert name I gave the settlement.


:+1: sounds good then, and yeah that name makes sense lol. Keep me posted, and I’ll make sure to pop topside now and again to say hi, was curious to what you were planning for that build :slight_smile:


I have

3300 stark orange igni

8k pale berry meta

apparently only 900 luminous red


Silby Lava Springs and Rock Bath :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t know how you have the patience for this. I can grind millions of rocks but I can’t even imaging building on this scale. It always amazes me.


Thats all refined?