WTB Luminous Green Pigments

WTB Luminous Green Gleam please. Price for each?

Wasn’t planning on selling any this soon, but if you are interested I have gone ahead and posted up 4,500 at 200c each in a public section. If you need more let me know.

Shop: Lamblis: -837N, 2,291E, Alt: 65

There is a portal in the Parthenon nearby that will take you to the Lamblis PS Hub under the name “Secret Research Facility”, it will be on the second floor of the Lamblis PS Hub.

I had a couple of request baskets up and got a load at 60 each.

Thank you everyone.

Anyone have Pigments?

I have some in the works. Not on a huge scale, but constant moving forward. It’s hard to judge demand for pigment colors

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I am also making some. Let me know when you have some ready thanks. No rush build will take time.