WTB lustrous wood


wtb 5 full stacks of shadow mustard lustrous wood (beckon)
and 5 full stacks of dark rose lustrous wood (refgar)

each piece 5c so 4500c per stack

pm me here on discord:

Same nick as here Hashmalash


@Gorillastomp helped me with my wood order really quickly. I don’t know if he’d be able to help you out or not. I tagged him to see if he’d be interested.


We sell all wood in good quantity in Quebec

You can find us in the Ultima hub of Finata (shopping Alley), Biitula portal seeker and in the US East Hub of Gyosha Ophin. The name of our portal is Quebec


i bought all wood of the colors i needed from u already :slight_smile: @passeva


yeah he already got them for me :slight_smile:


Very nice!

Out of curiosity… whatcha building? :smiley:


some workshop XD


Workshops can be works of art too!