WTB marble


Not sure will check


Have you a Picture from that colour ? And i understand you have 3000 Stones or marble?

@ Envyv77 thats good , im exicited what your answer will be


I can make you a small amount of red and white. Those the only colors?

Give me another day I can make 100 Red marble


What do you want to have for the 100 Red marble ?


making that amount of red can take weeks I have been gathering red for awhile. What are you willing to pay?

Are you really willing to pay 1600 each. The white is not worth that but Red I can see it. But I will be willing to go a bit lower.


1600 each for 100 Red marble that means 160000 coins ?
Or have i misunderstood you?


Lol i thought you were asking for 1600 blocks of each type.

For 1600c per block I would even make changed marble. But not “red” though that is really a super uncommon color. Pretty sure plain red rock has never been in game. Only a goo farmer can do this. “Dark Red” has been around on several umbris planets.

Orrian showed some green marble recently too. I didn’t see it in person but in the screenshots it was very vivid.


I think i ll Take similar Stone for White and Red Just taking the black marble .
1600 each ist too heavy .


The white stone is quite common, it’s just not the right type to make marble so you have to type change each one. Best done after you refine them for efficiency. I would recommend changing them yourself and then contacting @Greenheart if you don’t want to process the marble, it’s what I did.

You can make any color of marble you like and change it to red. Some players are selling spray tint for 100c per can and each can is one stone. I don’t know how hard it is to get plain red though so it may be worth a premium.

I’m sure Orrian would accept 1600c per block :wink: but you probably don’t need to offer quite that much. 160c per block would be quite cheap, but doable for some “tint only” colors. Somewhere in the middle is the real answer.

@wakeNbake you have any red?

Oh, here comes a reply from Orrian.


oh ok you want 1600 blocks… well that is going to take awhile

Lucky I just upgraded my farm

Ill keep you informed.

Depending on how fast I can get the red flying will determine the price I would ask.


I have 3 red kernels so far… so by my calculations I should be able to have his marble ready for him by the year 3029, but I will have to charge approximately 9,999,999,999c for each block and I will expect payment in advance, that does includes tax though…

haha, sorry… I’ve been focusing on other colors so far.

The current exo has dark red rocks on it… but would all need to be change chiseled to make into marble. That’s not me offering… but just a suggestion for any other enterprising/potential marble makers out there.


Sorry won’t be on due to work…you can go look at dirty mayo at tower of power portal there and then you would have to find my farm…It’s underground at the back of my base…I have quite alot of the deep red and to be honest it is my favorite color marble…


Is there a reliable combination that can mix for red?


I’d say if it can be done it would require mixing deep red with some other lighter/whiter colors, but that’s a complete guess.


I believe Red and Cherry will make more Red


I only woudl need the Stone do chisel and ist nö Problem for me


I won’t give away exo rocks but if you don’t get enough donations I’ll sell raw exo rock for 1c. I have tons of white.


Will be checking the newly built red goo farm later today. Plain green is up and running again too. 62 total plain green going

Will add 31 mint row too = 200 green sprays hopefully every few days.

With the red, cherry combo red could end up 200 sprays too.

Issue will end up being kernels mass producing this much at once.

I do plain to open a rare marble store somewhere soon. I will post more then. May end up in gyosha mall.


Themes there aren t White Rocks anywhere or i die Not find them​:unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused: Walked around very much.

I would need nearly 3000 Stones froh White to get at least my 1600 marble.

IT would be very Kind If you would sell me 3000 Stones or Tell me an other Location where to buy .


Will check the white stock we have. We did stock up but I have been using a lot.

I know Sydney did have white marble but has seemed to run out. With the help of me im sure.

White spray is very easy to make. I have several 100. Will try to get that going too for when white planets are lacking.

Want us to begin white marble production. Sydney was charging 200 each. What you think?